Removing the Burden

Every once in a while I find myself frantically working, trying to cover as many bases as possible. In my perception, all of those tasks MUST be done by the end of the day. The end result is feeling frazzled, irritable, and exhausted. The truth is I just am not able to remember or accomplish all the tasks I would like to in the course of one day. Big revelation, huh! Of course, I know that none of you ever let yourself get to this point. A small phrase that I came across the other day in my daily quiet time brought the truth of God’s role in my work to the forefront. “…I removed his shoulder from the burden...” (Psalm 81:6) Reading that sentence triggered some self-evaluation. Do I do the work of the Lord or do I let God do His work through me? There is a difference. Allowing the Lord to do the work through us means I get to be a follower and can relax despite the list in front of me. Defining for God what we will do or need to do sets me up to be the boss of me. Truthfully, God is much less of a slave driver and way more gracious to me that I will ever be. Coming before the Lord in a position of humility and submission to the direction and pacing of His Spirit allows me the privilege of doing each task well and at a pace that allows me to do my best. Being in a position of humility or submission doesn’t mean we never plan. Plan the day, the tasks with the inclusion of the Lord through each task. This allows the Lord room to change the direction should His plan for the day require it. Including the Lord is simply done by breathing a prayer or talking to Him throughout the day.

With all of your talents, abilities, capabilities, and dreams, come before the one who removes your shoulder from the burden. The main task of the day is to respond when God moves on your heart to love, comfort, admonish, and forgive those He brings across your path. He carries the burden of doing the work. There is such freedom to be His child when we allow Him to have the last word in defining our day.

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